Hi All,

I use Hardy for desktop and server at home. About to purchase a new dedicated server for my busy website, and will be installing Hardy server on it.

I looking for a guide(s) on the "after installation" components of a Hardy LAMP server in a production hosted environment? All the guides I've found so far (eg. howtosourge) are half on hardy installation, and half on installing LAMP.

I looking for stuff on what is the best components/packages/configs for a production LAMP server - eg. security lockdown steps, IDS installation and config - which is the best DNS server - is BIND the best, or use something else?, monitoring - bandwidth and logs - vnstat and logwatch?, apt-get via cron for automatic security updates?, etc.

If such a guide exists, can someone please give me a URL? Or what thoughts do people have on the best steps.config and packages to install to secure and monitor your remote ubuntu LAMP server?