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Thread: [SOLVED] Cannot mount MicroSD card

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    Exclamation [SOLVED] Cannot mount MicroSD card

    I just got a 2 GB MicroSD card with an SD adapter, but I get an error upon inserting it into my card reader:
    Cannot mount volume.
    Unable to mount the volume 'NO LABEL'.
    mount: /dev/sdf1: can't read superblock
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    Re: Cannot mount MicroSD card

    The original SD specification didn't allow for a size greater than 1GB. Now there is SDHC (SD High Capacity) which goes to 8GB and beyond.

    Unfortunately, older card readers (and some that are still being sold) do not support SDHC. You'll have to get a reader with SDHC support. Hama do a good 35-in-1 external reader that costs less than £4 from Amazon in the UK.
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