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Thread: Cataloging software (list included, critic needed)

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    Cataloging software (list included, critic needed)

    Since I've switched from windows to Linux that I've been trying to find a good cataloging software to replace whereisit.
    While I searched, I kept finding more and more software... The problem now is that I know of dozens of applications but am unable to compare them.

    The purpose of this thread is to get feedback from its users and compare each tool, so that we can all pick the best tool for our needs.
    The results of this "Comparison of cataloging software" could then be transformed in a table and hosted at (wikipedia will just delete it due to the lack of 3rd party references; believe me it has happened before with my Comparison of desktop search software). This is because the forum doesn't support the use of tables and it would be usefull to more people as well.

    I was hopping for comments like, "I use application appA because it supports features X, Y, Z and application appB didn't support it, although appB did had feature W, which appA doesn't has"

    One other thing is that at first I wanted something like whereisit (to index my documents, archives, pics and videos), but them I noticed that there was more to it... like the management of collections (e.g. movies, games, music).
    BTW, I inform that both Beagle and Tracker may support removable media indexing in the future (check the above article at wikinfo).

    Well, even if this thread doesn't come out to be what I expected (i.e. no feedback), it will at the very least this thread will contain a list of cataloging software... and maybe even reach a sticky somewhere

    General indexing/cataloging (i.e. oriented at cd/dvd scanning):
    qcat (allows importing whereisit catalogs in xml )

    General collection management:
    Data Crow (video games, music, books, movies, images) - very powerfull and will soon support cd/dvd/usb/etc scanning for indexing files
    GCstar (books, movies, music, video games, wine)
    Stuffkeeper (a new kid on the block which seems to support anything!) -
    Tellico (comic books, videos, music, coins, stamps, trading cards, video games, wines, board games, and file listings)

    Book collection management:

    Comic books collection management:
    GNOME Comics Organizer

    Anime collection management:

    Movie collection management:
    MeD's Movie Manager

    Some questions I would like to know:
    (about indexing software)
    - Does it index archive files (zip, tar, bz2, rar, 7zp, etc) recursively?
    - Does it generate thumbnails for images? Can the thumbnail size be configured?
    - Does it generates a series of images for video files? Can the resolution and frequency be configured?
    - Does it saves data when indexing document files? (e.g. first 1024 chars in a text file; first 3 pages in a pdf file; etc)
    (about collections)
    - Does it go to episode level for TV series or anime?
    - Does it go to chapter level detail on manga? (in manga, a series is made of volumes and a volume is made of chapters)
    - Does it get movie screenshots from imdb?
    - Does it get video games screenshots from any site?
    - Can it handle thousands of entries?

    This post is a copy of an existing thread. The reason for it is that the original was moved to the archive section, when the forum was updated, which now makes impossible to quote/edit/add new posts and continue discussion.
    It major sucked the fact that I wasn't allowed to quote my own post and add to remake all external http references!!!
    Consider this new thread a bump to that one and let discussion continue. I was hopping more people could give feedback on this.
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    Re: Cataloging software (list included, critic needed)

    Hi, great post man. I am now trying out Alexandria, Tellico, Datacrow, Gcstar. I can't decide wich one to stick to. Datacrow seems great, has a nice interface, Tellico and Gcstar are unable to locate isbn on the web effectively so I'm leaning to Alexandria. If you have any advice, tips or anecdote related to collection managers you want to share please do!!!
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