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Thread: [Beginner] Programming Challenge: 1

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    [Beginner] Programming Challenge: 1

    We have at other times had weekly programming challenges. They, when I read them, seemed to get more advanced as they went because the winner got to choose the next challenge, each one was the idea of a somewhat experienced programmer and sometimes very experienced.

    I am not sure how we will have someone choose the next challenge, but we'll figure it out when we get there

    There is no time limit either, but I am thinking any interest in this should be apparent within this week.

    The Challenge:
    Write a program, in any free language, that prints to the terminal the lyrics to this song, 99 Bottles of Beer.

    If you copy anything from that site, it will be obvious, so don't try it, although you may find that site useful for seeing code of many different languages.

    Do not copy code, but you can obviously read it

    Try not to comment on other submissions. It will be hard to judge changing entries. If you edit your code, post the new version and make it clear there is a new code.

    How it will be judged
    Obviously, this is a task that is trivial (one big output statement would work) so the winner will be judged on the following:

    • Clean code. Readable code is a must for being a programmer who wishes to possibly interact with others. Some languages can be more readable than others, so it will be judged on the effort of writing clean code, not which language is easier to read by design.
    • Logical code. Be a programmer, not a code monkey
    • Commented code. If something is possibly unclear (like an obscure use of math), let the readers know. Do not over comment, and let the code speak for itself whenever you can. Have logical variable names and function names. (Excessive commenting is a minus factor)
    • Working code. It has to work as it is posted. The codw will be read on the forum, so remember to use this guide to paste code if you don't know how:

    • When you get to 1 bottle, it is a singular "bottle", whereas all other instances are plural.
    • Using this challenge to try out a new language brings you bonus points, so please state when you are using the language for the first time if you are.
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