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Thread: HDD or MoBo issues?

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    Unhappy HDD or MoBo issues?

    Are there any known issues with *nix and either hard drives or hard drive controllers on mother boards?

    A few years ago I installed Suse on a desktop PC, SuSe kept on reporting disk errors, so thinking the HDD was about dead, I went back to windross, 4 years later I've just tryed to install Ubuntu server (the desktop's now going to be a print/file server for my home network) and again theres problems with the hard drive.

    BTW duering the time XP was on it there where no problems ever reported with the drive.

    HDD is an ST320413A (a 20GB Seagate drive spec

    Capacity: 20.02GB
    Speed: 5400 rpm
    Average Seek Time: 9.9ms
    Cylinders: 1023
    Heads: 256
    Sectors: 63)

    Mobo is MS-6378X-L (see

    any ideas what up?

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    Re: HDD or MoBo issues?

    Most likely the OS is not properly install the chipset drivers.

    EDIT: it seems like there are some problems with that chipset. The post is rather old but its all i really found.
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    Re: HDD or MoBo issues?

    I don't thinks so, I tryed installing both Suse and Ubuntu a number of times (twice for Ubuntu no idea how meany for Suse).
    I would have throght one of the times it would have worked...

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