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Thread: How do I make a GNOME theme?

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    How do I make a GNOME theme?

    I love graphic design, but one thing I've always wanted to do was make a software skin. Well, now I have ubuntu with GNOME, I'm hoping there's some sort of software with which to make GNOME themes.

    Am I right? If so, could someone kindly direct me to it?


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    Re: How do I make a GNOME theme?

    It depends on what precisely you want to theme within it. Your desktop is a combination of window manager, window decorator, compositing (Compiz Fusion), GTK themes (probably)...anyway, what I'm saying is that there isn't just one tool you'll need, there are a few.

    You can install these via Synaptic.

    For adjusting the GTK theme (menu colours, and stuff-like-that) you can use GNOME Color Chooser, it will allow you to save your new themes as well.

    If you are using Emerald as your window decorator (to get fancy translucent borders and stuff), use Emerald Theme Manager.

    Lots of information, additional icons, and ideas can be had from GNOME Look.

    I'm sure that there are other tools out there, these are just the ones Ive played with the most. Hope it gets you started anyway!
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