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Thread: any way to automate desktop cleaning?

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    any way to automate desktop cleaning?

    Hi, first post here. Thanks for all the solutions I've already found here, hoping i can figure this one out too.

    so there's a program called desktop teleporter for windows (and another called belvedere, apparently). But, I recently went 100% windows free and I really want to find some sort of program like it for Ubuntu.

    What it does:
    In a nutshell, you assign different kinds of files to different folders on the computer, and when you drop one on to the desktop (but i think only the desktop) it automatically moves it to the assigned folder. so, when you download an .avi it automatically saves it to a movies folder, or whatever.

    is there such a thing for Ubuntu? I'm a total n00b and I'm hoping for a program that's available to install either thru add/remove or apt-get. I know I could probably program something, but I had barely opened a terminal before about two months ago and I'm still working on the basics.



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    Re: any way to automate desktop cleaning?

    've created an open source, Belvedere/Hazel-inspired project that I'm calling "Maid". If you have RubyGems installed (typical if you have Ruby), it just takes a single command to install:

    sudo gem install maid --pre
    # And if you don't have RubyGems, this should set you straight:
    # sudo apt-get install rubygems
    Specifying --pre will install pre-release versions, the Maid release candidate version in this case. The first stable release should be coming out within the next week, and I would love to have your input and opinions.

    There's more info at and

    Maid is based on some code I had written for myself. Eventually, it turned into something I thought others might find useful, so I packaged it up for others to use on Linux and the Mac. I hope it's useful for you.

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