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Thread: Now isn't that convenient.

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    Now isn't that convenient.

    LaRoza started a topic in OMG oRaNgE pOnIeS, this one to be exact,
    In her last post she says that the thread can stay closed (closed by p_quarles) because she feels the topic was covered in the first two pages. If a person cannot handle the possible outcome of a discussion that person should not start threads. The very nature of a discussion is that it evolves and the outcome is unknown. A member of staff wanting a topic she started to stay closed is an attempt at silencing members and a sign of weakness. If LaRoza felt her original post was covered she could have just withdrawn and let the others who found the topic interesting continue with the discussion instead of this childish behaviour. Therefore, it should be re-opened.

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    Re: Now isn't that convenient.

    As explained by p_quarles the thread had deteriorated. The thread starter stated their position and closed the thread.

    I do not see any issue with the closure and the action is reasonable given the circumstances
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