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    Question The nvidia graphics card...

    I have downloaded the driver file from the Nvidia website. I have followed the directions on the page, until step 3. Step 3 says "type sh to install the driver". Whaaa???? I don't understand exactly what it means.

    I typed it in Terminal, but it couldn't open the file. I typed it after I typed 'su', but I got the same error. I allowed execution on the file and then opened it and clicked 'Run', but nothing happened. I opened it again and clicked 'Run in Terminal', and then I got the error "must be run as root". I opened it by typing 'gksudo nautilus' in Terminal and then go to the file in the 'root' window, ran it in Terminal, but then got the error "X server is running".

    What else do I have to do to install the graphics card driver? Exactly where do I have to type 'sh'?

    I installed Ubuntu using Wubi, one time, and installed the "Nvidia accelerated graphics driver" from 'Hardware Drivers' in 'System', and it resulted in a low resolution. The reason why I want to install the driver downloaded form the Nvidia website is because I don't want to have a low maximum resolution, anymore.

    By the way, the website is
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