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    basic question

    whats the difference between suspend and hibernate?

    On my new 1530, suspend works, in that i can suspend, watch it go to sleep, then hit the power button and it comes back. although when X goes away I do see some error output, but it vanishes too quickly for me to read it. and despite the error output the system wakes up just fine.

    hibernate doesn't work.

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    Re: basic question

    When a computer is Hibernating, it's the same as off, from a power. Your coms memory is flushed out as you power off,
    a comp can stay in hibernation mode for a much longer period of time than standby mode when unplugged, and it uses less electricity.

    It takes slightly longer to resume from hibernation. However, it's more secure because everything‘s written out to disk, and you're not dependent on a good power source while in hibernation.
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