For those of you doing a dual-boot of Ubuntu and OS X (and are already using rEFIt, which I would strongly recommend), I have put together a set of changes you can make to the rEFIt conf and icons, to make the interface better-looking and more Mac-like.

Put those files in their locations, as indicated by the folder hierarchy. DO NOT REPLACE THE EFI FOLDER ENTIRELY! Simply pull the files out of the archive and insert them in their respective folders. Note that you might want to rename the old icons before inserting, to avoid losing them to replacing, if you wish to go back.

Then, modify the refit.conf file. Here's what I did:
  • Under the line that says "#disable all", I put disable tools (no #) to get a simpler interface. This removes the row of small icons below the boot options.
  • I removed the "#"s from the lines beginning with "selection_big" and "selection_small". Note that the icons have underscores _ instead of hyphens - in their names, so be sure to change the hyphens to underscores in the conf file.
  • I also removed the "#" in front of hidebadges internal. That will remove some extra clutter.
  • Under "#hideui all", I entered hideui banner label funcs to remove even more clutter.

You can leave some of the lower icons enabled, if you wish. I haven't created any icons for these or for Windows (as I don't use them), but you can sample the colours from the other icons and create your own, perhaps. If you do create icons, I'd love for you to post them here. Just be sure to put them in a Zip file, so they don't get J-Pegged.

I'll post a screenshot of this setup soon.