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    Quote Originally Posted by tomrshl View Post
    I have been using the MadWifi wireless driver for my Macbook Pro, is ath9k a replacement for this? I don't quite understand, is it just for specific atheros hardware, or their whole range?
    I think my MBP model is second generation, its one with NVIDIA graphics.
    Development of madwifi was dropped to work on a set of fully open source drivers for atheros wifi cards (madwifi uses a closed-source hal layer to access the hardware). In fact, the last 'stable' release of madwifi does not support your atheros card, you have to get a development snapshot. ath5k was the first release of the open drivers, but it did not support the newer cards. ath9k was recently announced and I think it should support any of the MacBook / MacBook Pro models that have an atheros wifi card.

    If you wireless works just fine, I wouldn't worry about changing drivers as this is still a relatively earlier set of code. If you would like to test it out, or if you want to try to get 802.11n speed working, or if you just want to get that closed hal layer off your system, then you can use this.

    PS you have a 3rd generation MacBook Pro (MacBookPro3,1)
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