Having successfully installed Ubuntu 8.04 on this old computer so that it can be used in replacement of a broken XP install (no disk to fix) I have one last problem.

This computer did not initially have a wireless card. A Netgear WG311 v3 was installed recently.

I used this tutorial-


To use ndiswrapper with the Windows 2000 driver. The computer now recognizes the device, and all the steps in that tutorial (including specific device information) came out exactly as described.

However, although "Wireless" now appears in the network menu, I cannot despite my best efforts get it to connect. If I use "roaming mode" the network appears (along with others) in the network manager in the top right of the screen. It prompts for password, but then displays bars that are usually 0%, occasionally jumping to 50% or 60% closely following initial connection, but never with any actual networking functionality that I can detect.

When not using roaming mode, I enter the ID, the password, and password type (WPA Personal) and use "Automatic Configuration" which results in "Changing Interface Connection"... the network manager displays a small orange arrow in the top right (network disabled in text I believe) for a second, and then the computer reverts to a wired connection. Unplugging the ethernet results in no network.

The router is a Netgear WgR614 v7. The network is encrypted (and this cannot be changed) with WPA-PSK [TKIP] according to the router.

I really hope someone is able to point to toward a solution. I have limited active Ubuntu experience, but I've been following documentation since Dapper Drake so I consider myself quite competent... theoretically.

If anymore information if required I'd be happy to do my best to provide it.