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Thread: Gnome-do keyring issues on login

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    Unhappy Re: Gnome-do keyring issues on login

    Same thing here... I've been trying to figure this one out for a while... quite a long while actually. I'd rather login at startup (without the autologin)... since you have to put in the password anyway

    If anyone finds a workaround for this... post it... until then I'm tempted to simply remove gnome-do extensions that require passwords...

    I turn my EEE pc on and off seven or eight times a day... tedious.

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    Re: Gnome-do keyring issues on login

    OK, here's a solution, but there's an inherent security risk, as you'll see.

    1. Open seahorse (type "seahorse" into a terminal or in the Alt+F2 dialog, or go to Applications -> Accessories -> Passwords and Encryption Keys)

    2. Go to Edit -> Preferences

    3. Click on the "Login" keyring, then the "Change Unlock Password" button

    4. Type in your usual password in the "Old password" box, and then nothing in the "Password" boxes. That's right: nothing.

    Now you'll get a security warning that you're about to leave your passwords on your system unencrypted. So there's the security risk... but if you do it, you'll get away from the annoying password prompts.

    It worked for me, anyway.
    I must be updating Ubuntu. How else could I be expected to take seriously the phrase, "Unpacking replacement gnome"?

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    Smile Re: Gnome-do keyring issues on login

    Hope this is of some use to you - it worked for me.
    I was having the same problem as the rest of you.
    All I did was disable the microblogging gnome-do plugin - password problem vanished.

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