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Thread: HOWTO: Nautilus Script to mount .iso files

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    Re: HOWTO: Nautilus Script to mount .iso files

    Nice scripts indeed. This is what called vivid community.

    However my suggestion is to first try out solutions already embeded in your Ubuntu before creating new scripts, for something which has already been done and is supported.
    The bash scripts are great if you want to mount/unmount from command line, but if all you need is to have this in nautilus, it could be not worth the hassle.

    As someone has already written, since 8.10 you can right click on image file and open it with "archive mounter". If you need something more you could go with gisomounter or cdemu.

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    Re: HOWTO: Nautilus Script to mount .iso files


    The main problem with archive mounter is that it doesn't result in a proper path, therefore nothing can be excecuted.

    CDEmu isn't on the main repositories and gISOmounter produces errors when run as user.

    The script is an elegant and compact solution, besides not having any dependencies.


    Since most ISOs have long names and rarely more than one file needs to be mounted at the same time, I changed the script a little bit the scripts.

    ISO Mount:
    gksudo mkdir /media/ISO
    if sudo mount -o loop,user,uid=1000,gid=100 -t auto "$*" /media/ISO
            if zenity --question --title "ISO Mounter" --text "$* Successfully Mounted. 
    Open Volume?"
                    nautilus /media/ISO --no-desktop
            exit 0
            sudo rmdir /media/ISO
            zenity --error --title "ISO Mounter" --text "Cannot mount $*!"
            exit 1
    Also with this script the volume is user manageable, meaning that you can unmount it just by right-clicking on the volume icon and selecting 'unmount', without the need for a specific script!

    Eduardo Ristow
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    Re: HOWTO: Nautilus Script to mount .iso files

    Quote Originally Posted by RattyMan View Post
    This doesn't work with any ISO file that is outside your home directory, other than that, great script
    I just tried the scripts and it DOES work outside the home as well.


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    Re: HOWTO: Nautilus Script to mount .iso files

    Great little script! thank you very much....:P

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