I have a Toshiba Satellite A210 with Vista and Ubuntu 8.04 dual booted ith wubi. I bought a US robotics USB modem USR5637 that says Linux supported right on it. But it only connected once right at the start and i didnt do anyhting but it never worked again after that. It says to use minicom to connect it. So I managed to make it dial it and i put in my username and password then i get a bunch of symbols then about 45 seconds later it disconnects and says "NO CARRIER". I tryed to change the Bps to 576000 and the init string to AT&F1 which i heard is what you are supossed to use for USR but i still get the same message. Also I can only dial using the dial directory I can't use ATDT or ATDP. Any help would be veryhelpful thanks in advance.

Zane McCaig