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Thread: HOWTO: Install Hardy (8.04.1) on HP tx2500

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    Re: HOWTO: Install Hardy (8.04.1) on HP tx2500

    Yeah, I did. Put acpi off, blacklisted thermal, enabled sound, update to the kernel, set the ATI driver, all this under a 8.04.1 64bits version of Ubuntu.
    Only thing is that I kept Vista for the time being (but by mistake, I've put Grub on the MBR, so it isn't able to load for the moment, I'll fix this later, my goal is to have Ubuntu fully working so that I can get rid of Vista).

    I read the tutorials carefully, and I translated them in french too (for the french wiki), so I don't think I forgot something... I don'tn get where the problem is...

    PS: I just saw that small changes have been made to this tutorial, I'm going to check everything

    EDIT: that's it, found the translation error, corrected thing, tried again, and it's working
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