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Thread: HOWTO: Install Hardy (8.04.1) on HP tx2500

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    HOWTO: Install Hardy (8.04.1) on HP tx2500

    I spent a long time configuring everything, and I thought I'd compile a quick writeup. I decided to re-install to meticulously document each step. This guide assume that you have at least basic working knowledge of using Ubuntu. If this is your first time using Linux, I'm recommending that you do not attempt to install Hardy Heron on the tx2500 at this time.

    This is based on Ubuntu 8.04.1 x64 (Hardy Heron LTS). It probably works for 32-bit, but I haven't tested and don't see a specific reason to go with 32-bit over 64-bit.

    Known issues:

    • Digitizer mostly works (but not 100%)
    • CPU scaling is NOT supported by current kernel
    • Suspend/sleep is a bit flaky


    1. Boot installation disc
    2. Highlight your language and press [Enter]
    3. Highlight"Install Ubuntu"
    4. Press F6
    5. Press F6 (again)
    6. Highlight "acpi=off" and press [Enter]. small "x" should appear to the left of this option
    7. Press [Esc]
    8. Press [Enter]
    9. This should boot to a graphical installer
    10. Install as normal
    11. After installation is complete, reboot as instructed

    First boot

    1. Highlight the first boot option (Ubuntu 8.04.1, kernel 2.6.24-19-generic)
    2. Press 'e' to edit the boot options
    3. Scroll down to the line that starts with "kernel"
    4. Press 'e' to edit this command
    5. Scroll to the end of the line and add the following option (no quotes): "acpi=off". The boot options should have the following options listed: "ro quiet splash acpi=off"
    6. Press '[Enter]' to confirm you are done editing the line
    7. Press 'b' to boot
    8. This should boot you to a graphical display prompt.

    Configuring Ubuntu
    This should get your Wireless working with an update to wl; also, a slightly newer kernel version is here.

    1. Blacklist thermal
      1. Open a terminal
      2. Run "sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist"
      3. Add this text on its own line at the bottom of the file:
        blacklist thermal
      4. Save and close

    2. Enable sound
      1. Open a terminal
      2. Run "sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base"
      3. Add the following line to the bottom of the file:
        options snd-hda-intel index=0 model=toshiba position_fix=1
      4. Save
      5. Close

    3. Update (Fixes wireless and updates to kernel 2.6.24-20)
      Note: Once these updates are moved from proposed to the standard repository, enabling "proposed" may not be required. In this case, skip this step.
      1. Plug in to an ethernet port
      2. Verify that you have internet access
      3. Open up Synaptic
        1. System
        2. Administration
        3. Synaptic Package Manager

      4. SKIP THIS STEP FOR NOW. It looks like the necessary updates may be part of the standard repositories. If your wireless does not work after rebooting, come back and perform this step.
        Enable Hardy Proposed to your repositories
        1. Settings
        2. Repositories
        3. Updates
        4. Check "Pre-released updates (hardy-proposed)
        5. Click the "Close" button
        6. Confirm the message box that pops up warning you to reload

      5. Click "Reload"
      6. Click "Mark All Upgrades"
        1. Click "Mark"

      7. Click "Apply"
        1. Click "Apply"

      8. After updates are complete, click "Close"

    4. Enable the digitizer. Instructions are somewhat complicated, so I'm just providing a link to the thread instead of replicating here.
    5. Install ATI restricted driver
      1. Go to your restricted drivers manager
        1. System
        2. Administration
        3. Hardware Drivers

      2. Check "ATI restricted driver
        1. Click "Enable"

    6. Reboot as normal

    If there's anything you would like to add or correct, post and I'll try to update as appropriate. Also, feel free to check out HP Pavilion tx2000 series laptop runnign (sic) Ubuntu 8.04 - My Howto. The original thread contains a lot of testing/discovery information.
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