While searching for how to mount clonezilla images I came across a post here that said it couldn't be done. Unfortunately it's in the archive so I can't post a reply to it to correct it. One definitely can mount clonezilla images to extract files from them and here's how to do it (as per the clonezilla FAQ at http://drbl.sourceforge.net/faq/inde..._ntfsclone.faq):

1. Prepare a large disk in Linux
2. Say if your image is /home/partimag/YOURIMAGE/, and the image is /home/partimag/YOURIMAGE/hda1.ntfs-img.aa, hda1.ntfs-img.ab...
"file /home/partimag/YOURIMAGE/hda1.ntfs-img.aa"
to see it's gzip, bzip or lzop image. Say it's gzip, then you can run
cat /home/partimag/YOURIMAGE/hda1.ntfs-img.* | gzip -d -c | ntfsclone --restore-image -o hda1.img -
Then you will have a "hda1.img" which you can mount it by
mount -o loop -t ntfs hda1.img /mnt

Then all the files are in /mnt/