I have done my due diligence to try to resolve this issue by reading previous posts. It has all been to no avail. If you have any insight, please speak up.

I am relatively new to Ubuntu, love it! I will love it more when I can wireless at home. I recently installed Hardy in dual boot configuration with XP on my Toshiba Tablet laptop. I went round and round trying to configure the wireless networking. I have an Intel/PRO3945ABG internal wireless card. I installed the iwlwifi driver for the card. I have done all the ifconfig and iwconfig tricks I have come across. What I find is that Hardy will recognize my ssid and display the correct reception level before I attempt to connect. Once I try to connect, I get stalled at the authentication. After trying a million ways to configure WEP and other security protocols, I opened the network up. Still, no connectivity.

What kills me is that I can get the wireless to connect at work. At work I am hitting a different model Linksys router and I am using a static IP. I have tried to configure my WRT54GX2 to accept a static IP from Hardy, but still no connectivity. I have valid DNS servers listed. Also, it seems that my authentication issue may be more of a DHCP issue. Again, I have tried all of the dhclient tricks and hard-coding tricks that I have found in this forum.

Any ideas? Would love to switch over to Hardy completely because XP is killing me. Thanks in advance.