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Thread: Vaio Mic configuration - HDA issues.. plz help !!

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    Vaio Mic configuration - HDA issues.. plz help !!


    I have a porblem I can't solve by myself regarding my new laptop sound configuration. I have a Vaio VGN-AR61E, with a Realtek ALC262 mixer.

    - Speakers work fine (and still do)
    - No headphone sounds
    - Impossible to record any sound from the internal mic
    - Extremely noisy sound captured from an external mic

    What I've done up to know:
    Install Alsamixer 1.0.16
    Install linux-backports-modules-hardy

    I checked several posts
    and tried to modify the line "options snd-hda-intel model=XXXX" , xxx replaced with sony, sony-ar, 3stack, but nothing seems to work

    I a complete Ubuntu noob and i don't know what i should do now , so I'll be really glad if someone could help me with that (it's really important, I'm a skype addict )

    Greets, Julie

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    Re: Vaio Mic configuration - HDA issues.. plz help !!

    There is a known (and old) bug about mic that does not power on during boot (see here: )

    Try this:
    - double click on the speaker icon in the deskbar
    - Click the option tab
    - Change the input source(s) into something else (whatever)
    - Change it back to what you want (normally "Mic" or "Front Mic" for built-in mic)

    To be done after every boot


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