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Thread: What's the best way to rip DVDs?

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    Re: What's the best way to rip DVDs?

    I didn't click for subtitles, because i didn't want to see an english film with english subtitles, and only want the forced ones in it
    Some titles use forced subs which are a separate substream, some used hard coded which are part of the video stream. Star wars uses forced, probably the 2nd english substream.
    Once you rip to avi or rip to video_ts with new .ifo's created, the 'forced' stream is no longer forced, you'll have to turn it on manually. (if it's present).
    Forced subs are set in an .ifo and also can be affected by chosen audio stream
    Can you show screenshot of K9copy,
    the dvd tree?
    This is your best bet as most star wars dvds have a slightly different structure. This is due to the opening sequence which is available in 2 or 3 versions based on audio language chosen so you'll probably see the 'movie' title listed 2 or 3 times. (title 1, title 2, title 3 or thereabouts)

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    Re: What's the best way to rip DVDs?

    Have you tried Acidrip? I find it pretty good.
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    Re: What's the best way to rip DVDs?

    If you're willing to just forgo the whole .avi thing and rip your dvds into perfect quality to have a proper backup, then an easy way to do it is to rip the dvds as .vob files, doable with dvd::rip or even just a transfer from the dvd itself, then using the following command to merge them to a single .mpeg file:

    cat ~/first_file.vob ~/second file.vob ~/etc > ~/output_filename.mpeg

    simply include all of the vob files (in order!) into the command and it'll come into one nice neat little package.

    Keep in mind that this is uses one hell of a lot of space, but gives no reduction in quality and takes very little time at all compared to transcoding to .avi

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    Re: What's the best way to rip DVDs?

    I just insert the disc, and right click Copy Disc to ISO image. Then play it in VLC. Simple. Then you get the whole DVD plus the menu's and extras.
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