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Thread: kernel panic at suspend

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    kernel panic at suspend

    Hi, just updated to kernel 2.6.24-20-generic yesterday. Pressed <fn><f5> to suspend my laptop, and I got kernel panic. Thought it might have been that I was running R in a console and a few other programs, so I rebooted immediately, and with no apps running, I pressed <fn><f5> again, and kernel panic again. This morning I started up the system and then tried closing the lid; again, kernel panic. I have therefore rebooted back into kernel 2.6.24-19-generic, and it is running fine.
    Please fix the kernel (or associated modules)!

    System: HP Pavilion dv2383ea, with 2GB RAM
    Running Ubuntu since November 2007

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    Re: kernel panic at suspend

    I've got the same problem but on a Clevo stylenote m54r. It's anoying as hell...
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    Re: kernel panic at suspend

    I've had the same problem with 2.6.24-20, and also 2.6.24-21


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