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Thread: Ubuntu on my LG Notebook

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    Question Ubuntu on my LG Notebook


    I really dont like vista and want to have 2 operating systems on my lg notebook. I have installed ubuntu before on my desktop. I know how to open a new partition and install it. The problem is that I dont know there is a difference with notebooks? Do I have to do something else or have to be careful something?

    Which advices can you give? Is there anybody else using ubuntu or any other linux distribution on lg notebooks?

    Model: R400
    Core2Duo 2.00 GHz 2GB RAM 667MHz
    SATA 100 GB HDD

    Thanks for every information...

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    Re: Ubuntu on my LG Notebook

    the only difference is that notebooks are generally less compatible with linux than desktops. in my experience, ubuntu has worked where openSUSE and gentoo wouldn't.. so i don't think you have anything to worry about. just back up your files first.


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