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Thread: Updating kernel nightmare!

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    Updating kernel nightmare!

    Hi this will be long as I'm trying to give a smuch info as poss!!
    I did the usual updates last week to my kubuntu 8.04 system. however there was a kernel upgrade( I'm currently on x.x.22-14!).

    I use dual boot(2 hard drives!)with windoze xp and during the upgrade it asked me the usual update grub bit and I panicked and selected keep local version. So no update visible when I restarted. I then decided to back up my menu.lst and learn some more about it (using the excellent grub web page). I am no longer afraid

    I then decided to remove the newer kernels from my system using apt so I could force the system to let me upgrade (which didn't work). So i then reinstalled the new kernel using apt and then selected use package maintainers grub instead of local.
    Great I rebooted saw the new kernel however I couldn't boot into it. Due to a graphics problem so I copied my back up of xorg.conf back in and i booted x but only in 640x256 screen i then reinstalled graphics using envy. When I restarted I lost my new kernel and it seemed to go back to my old menu.lst file and put me right back at square one.

    Incidentally on first boot new kernel fail a message came up in the command line which I caught only error in /var/lib..... and I think dpkg may have been in the line so I assume I have a missing file/config in there.

    My question is where has this amateur(that's me) gone wrong and how is the best way to update the kernel from my position.
    Also what steps should I have taken during my boot problem
    Sorry this is longwinded but I'm trying to supply as much as I can!

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    Re: Updating kernel nightmare!

    I think envy did remove the new kernel.

    First update your whole system and look if you still have this kind of problem.

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    Re: Updating kernel nightmare!

    I thought envy only installed the graphics though I wasn't expecting that to happen.
    Annoyingly my system is not showing any updates available because the kernel is still in my /lib folder although it isn't listed in /boot or menu.lst obviously.
    Oh and compiz fusion is really annoying when your running 640x256 resolution
    Do you know of any purge or clean up commands that would clean my system up at all?


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