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I'm surprised this question hasn't been properly answered yet. Just in case someone else runs into this problem, I'm running Debian Squeeze and I resolved it by 1) using the same password for python-keyring as my user account password and then 2) installing the python-keyring-gnome backend so that Gnome passes the user password along to python-keyring during account sign-in. This way when conkyEmail script calls the conkyKeyring script due to no password set in the command string:
{execi conkyEmail -u email@server.ext -s server.ext}
then conkyKeyring accesses python-keyring and python-keyring does not prompt for the keyring password. Provided you have stored the account username and password properly with conkyKeyring everything should then work.

I resolved this by running each command with terminal and the -v (verbose) flag set so I could see the error messages when it failed.

I hope that makes sense and helps someone else in the same boat.
I don't use GNOME nor gnome-keyring so I couldn't get an answer. But this will get and entry in Tips and Tricks at Conky PitStop.

Thank you for sharing your findings.
What desktop/window manager are using? I run SID with dual sessions: OpenBox and Xfce.