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Thread: help me install dia in ubuntu 7.04

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    help me install dia in ubuntu 7.04

    hello friends,
    i would like to install the drawing software dia on my pc running ubuntu.i downloaded a file named dia-0.96.1.tar.bz2 from the gnome website.the problem i have is that i've got no idea of how i can use this file to install dia,the setup seems different to that in new to ubuntu please help.

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    Re: help me install dia in ubuntu 7.04

    this program is contained in the package repositories of 7.04, I wouldn't bother trying to install something from a tarball (*.tar.gz or .tar.bz2) as long as it is already provided by unbuntu.
    Instead install it via synaptic or you enter in a terminal

    sudo apt-get install dia


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