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Thread: HOWTO: Get your ESI MAYA 44 to work

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    Re: HOWTO: Get your ESI MAYA 44 to work

    Well, you can always open a terminal and type in " lsusb ". This is short for "List USB," and it will give you a list of everything your computer sees plugged into your USB ports. " aplay -l " will also list all of your sound cards. You can also try getting JACK running and see if the inputs/outputs appear in there. Other than that, I don't know that I can help you much more. At this point it may be time to start a new thread and hope that someone else who actually has maya44usb finds you.

    PS. I sent you a private message explaining WINE, JACK and ALSA.

    I stumbled across another forum that might have the solution. It's here:
    Apparently, you just need to set the Maya 44 usb to be the default sound card so that ALSA will use it instead of the one inside your computer. If it's on-board, you can usually disable it in BIOS, if not you could always see what you can do with this forum:

    Bad memories of trying to use dual sound cards are staring to come back to me... good luck!
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