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Thread: HOWTO: Get your ESI MAYA 44 to work

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    HOWTO: Get your ESI MAYA 44 to work

    In This tutorial, I will describe how to install ESI MAYA 44 PCI under UBUNTU 8.04

    ESI MAYA 44 driver was made by Rainer Zimmerman, thanks to initiative of Piotr Zaryk. I just made update, against new alsa-driver source code. Unfortunately, nobody knows if this patch whenever become official part of alsa, because Rainer didn't sign-off his driver and contact with him was lost. If you want see this patch merge, in the next release of alsa-driver, please write a message on alsa-driver mailing list.

    Turn on terminal and type the following code:
    cd; mkdir maya44; cd maya44
    Extract patch and alsa-driver-1.0.17:
    tar -xjf alsa-driver-1.0.17.tar.bz2
    tar -xvzf maya44patch-alsa-driver-1.0.17.diff.tar.gz
    Apply patch by typing:
    patch -p0 < maya44patch-alsa-driver-1.0.17.diff
    Download dependencies:
    sudo apt-get install build-essential
    Configure and make alsa-driver:
    cd alsa-driver-1.0.17
    ./configure --with-cards=ice1724 --with-sequencer=yes ; make
    If everything goes well, you can install new driver by typing:
    sudo make install
    Restart your system and enjoy your ESI MAYA 44 sound card under Linux.

    Forgive me my poor english


    Here's a patch for UBUNTU 8.10 beta against alsa-driver-1.0.18rc3:


    In attachment, I add patch against current version of ALSA.
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