I've alternately installed both UME and Hardy on my Q1U and find both lacking for this linux noob in various ways. The lacks have been mentioned here in ubuntuforums and in various other forums as well. I like the full hardware functionality found in UME, but have made better progress at BT DUN over my 700p in Hardy.

Is it theoretically possible to copy various files from UME to a Hardy installation so as to enable the touchscreen and 4-way navigator on the righthand side of the keyboard? If so, has someone done it? If not, I suppose it would be much of the /lib/ directory, /etc/x11/xorg-samsungq1ultra.conf, and several other files from the UME installation I'm still ignorant of. The touchscreen parameters seem to be described in the xorg*.conf file I mentioned and while I don't see specific mention of the 4-way navigator, it certainly works in UME.

My Q1U is simply a web browser for me right now so I'd be happy to be an experimenter for anyone with more knowledge as to what files and/or directories to cut and paste from a UME installation to Hardy.