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Thread: Wine Link Problems

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    Wine Link Problems

    Hello, I was trying to add add a symbolic link to one of my users on my system so they can use a program I have. The problem is that it is not working. The console says there are too many symbolic links already. Is there any way I can configure wine or my system so that other users can use the programs I have installed on my account?

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    Re: Wine Link Problems

    System-wide programs should not be sitting inside ~/bin in the first place; They should be inside /usr/bin, /bin, /sbin and /usr/local/bin. And why are you trying to run Linux programs in Wine?

    I don't know what you are trying to do, but try:

    ln -s ~/bin/yourproghere ~/.wine/drive_c/yourproghere
    if all else, build a Debian package of your program. You can find out how here:


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