I would like to install xubuntu to create a home multimedia server.

The PC has 3 disks
- 250 GB IDE
- 500 GB IDE
- 500 GB SATA

I want to create virtual partitions to store data.
I have found 2 technologies. LVM (which I used a few times, and I find it has poor performances) and JBOD (which I juste discovered it today).

I haven't found a really complete description of theses 2 technologies. A few subjects that do not answer my questions, or people juste saying to buy RAID devices (which is not an option for me, I'm recycling hardware, not buying new one).

So here are my questions, I hope someone will answer me

- In case of HD failure, will all data be lost with both technologies ? I have found contradictions in the differents subjects I have read.
- Which one has the better performance ?
- How do I use them (with xubuntu). I haven't found LVM or JBOD option in the installer