Hi all,

I installed ubuntu 8.04 on a Optiplex 330 Dell but I had some
problem with the cabled network interface statically configured.

I needed to install manually the latest drivers for
Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit using tg3 modules.

The interface seems correctly configured in /etc/network/interfaces and all the tools
provided by the drivers (such as using ethtools) can query and configure correctly the interface.

But I can't get connected!
When I try to ping (as user and as root) an ip-address
I get that "The network is unreachable".

The strange thing is that when I try to ping - ONLY AS ROOT - an internet ip specifing the network interface it works.

For example when I run
sudo ping -I eth0
Any ideas?
Thanks to everyone!

The file /etc/network/interfaces already had the line
auto eth0
and when I launch "sudo ifup eth0" I get "failed to bring up eth0"