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Thread: Print Server "Network is unstable"

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    Print Server "Network is unstable"

    I am new to Ubuntu (64bit), although I have been programming since 1970. I am setting up my new Linux Machine (clean install on new disk). I am now trying to get my printing services working properly. On my home network I use a Ethernet to USB print server connected to my HP 5150 Deskjet. I have used System>Administration>Printing to set up a new printer using:

    AppSocket/HP JetDirect option on port 9100.

    It set up correctly but when I print the test page (which prints correctly) I get an additional printed page page saying:
    "The network is unstable. The print server cannot receive any printing data." The printer then takes a while flashing its activity light until it times out.

    I suspect that this may be a Firewall problem but I cannot workout how to Disable/Modify any firewall that UBUNTU has installed.

    Any help with this problem would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Steve

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    Re: Print Server "Network is unstable"

    i hav the same problem but mine is rather different,my case is that on my system which runs ubuntu 8.04 i cannot access the configure printers terminal,i.e. from the system=>administrator=>printing.


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