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Thread: Workaround for Hardy wireless problem

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    Lightbulb Workaround for Hardy wireless problem

    It seems that a lot of folk have been reporting all sorts of problems with wireless in Hardy, especially where it used to work, and then it does not, and if you get it working it is dead again on reboot. I have had the same problem. My workaround, until the proper fix comes out is:

    1. Get it going.
    2. Immediately save the config file /etc/network/interfaces as /etc/network/interfaces-save
    3. add a line or two to /etc/rc.local to make it start up using the saved config.


    1 & 2:

    I think that the gui network config tools wreck the config file at present, as I have ended up with WPA1 and WPA2 stuff all mixed in. Other posts here help you figure out how to get a good config that works. Follow them. Once you can a wireless going, don't touch the gui network config tools again, but do immediately save /etc/network/interfaces.

    As an example, here is my good config file. It is set for WPA1 using TKIP
    # This file describes the network interfaces available on your system
    # and how to activate them. For more information, see interfaces(5).
    # The loopback network interface
    auto lo
    iface lo inet loopback
    # The primary network interface
    iface eth0 inet dhcp
    auto wlan0
    iface wlan0 inet dhcp
    ssid "MYSSID"
    wpa-ssid MYSSID
    wpa-driver wext
    wpa-ap-scan 1
    wpa-proto WPA
    wpa-key-mgmt WPA-PSK
    wpa-pairwise TKIP
    wpa-group TKIP
    wpa-psk d7e1a177c316e64c89157535802b2788a7d8e7ec88abc3cd2c5906a52b19c61f
    If you cannot get wireless going, check that the config is not mixing WPA1 and WPA2 config items in your config file. You might have to edit the file and set a lot of the lines correctly yourself.

    • The key does seem to be correctly generated by the gui network config tools. You will obviously have your own key above.
    • The above this is using native drivers with a Broadcom wireless chipset. The ndiswrapper package and Windoze drivers were no longer needed for me now.


    Here is what I added to /etc/rc.local

    # DT - 23/07/2008
    # Fix to get the wireless up using a known good config file, because Hardy network config tools wreck them
    vW="`ifconfig wlan0`"
    if [ "`echo "$vW" |grep 'inet addr'`" ] ; then
            echo "$vW">/tmp/rc.local-wlan0
            [ -f /etc/network/interfaces-save ] && cp -a /etc/network/interfaces-save /etc/network/interfaces
            /etc/init.d/networking restart >/tmp/rc.local-networking-restart
    exit 0

    As you can see, all it does is check if wireless is up. If not, it overwrites /etc/network/interfaces with the good saved config, restarts all the networking, and reports it into /tmp, so you can see whether it needed to do the fix or not each time.

    This should get you up and going on wireless each startup, even when some bugs are wrecking the networking config at some point earlier in the boot process. There seems to be no bug in the /etc/init.d/networking code or anything it calls, so this works fine ... at present at least. :-/
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    Re: Workaround for Hardy wireless problem

    I fixed this nagging problem with an install of WICD [ a better interface to manage wireless than the NetworkMISManager anyway]

    Took 15 minutes and a reboot for good measure nd wireless is now without a care. WPA2 / AES / Static IP thank you VERY much.

    Uninstalled networkmanager and dhcpbd or some such nonsense - that was explained to me to be NetworkManagers little henchman

    As always ... YMMV.

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    Re: Workaround for Hardy wireless problem

    I'll try this as soon as I get back home from work, hope it works! I've had this problem for a little while now and it's been very irritating just to clarify though, should "exit 0" which you typed just after the code be part of the code?


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