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Thread: [SOLVED] Broadband DUAL installation ??

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    Question [SOLVED] Broadband DUAL installation ??

    I have two machines in my premises, the first one is running Windows XP and is connected to the phone line and ISP through a Speedtouch 330 Modem.My second machine is networked and is running UBUNTU. The only time I have a problem is that some Web connections give me a LOW I.D warning saying that I am Firewalled. I have configured port forwarding on the XP machine, but still I get the warning. I have a spare ADSL modem is there any way that I can set this up on my UBUNTU machine and cut out the Network, which is only used for the internet connection. Or alternativley would it be best to connect the ISP to my UBUNTU - and network it to the XP machine

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    Re: Broadband DUAL installation ??

    I know a way, but with SpeedTouch 546 (or 516 plus a router). If you can change your SpeedTouch 330 with the 546 (ask your ISP), install it on the phone line, and with it you can connect up to 4 computers at the same time (546 and 516 use network connectors).

    And I think you can put another modem through a ADSL splitter (maybe the steps for this are described in in your SpeedTouch installation manual?).
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