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Thread: moving installation from amd to intel causes sudden freezes?

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    moving installation from amd to intel causes sudden freezes?

    I installed Ubuntu 7.10 32bit on a AMD64-machine and moved it to a XEON-machine later. (move harddisk from one system to the other)

    The system boots perfectly and everything is working, but for about one week now the system faces sudden freezes almost every day that can only be resolved with a cold reset. No traces of any problems in the logs.
    If I install and run Ubuntu 8.04 directly on the XEON-machine I dont have any freezes.

    Now my questions:

    * are the used kernels for amd64 and xeon different? or is ubuntu using the same kernels anyway and linux decides on bootup which processor its running on?

    * what else can go wrong, if I move from AMD64 to XEON?

    * If I do a small update on the XEON-machine (from kernel 2.6.22-14 to 2.6.22-15) will ubuntu the install a "better suiting" kernel or will it stick to the information it gathered on the first install (on the AMD-machine)

    * If I do a big update (from 7.10 to 8.04) - might this solve my problems and lead me to a better suiting system.

    I just dont know if I made a terrible mistake by moving my system from AMD to XEON and thinking it would run fine or if this is exactely why I use linux, cause I can do things like this without any problems and my freezing-problem lies somewhere else.

    thnx for any insights in my problems.
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