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Thread: How do I install Multiple OS's with GRUB?

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    How do I install Multiple OS's with GRUB?

    I am getting a 8gb Sony Tiny Micro Vault, which is a little larger than a micro SD card. The advantage is this Tiny Micro Vault is USB! WOW!!

    So, I want to install a variety of OS's on it like:
    Ubuntu (version??)
    Backtrack 3
    Rescue CD
    LNX 4n6

    Other ideas?

    I also need a folder for storage of files.

    How do I load 3+ OS's on a USB drive with GRUB or LILO? Can I load 5 or am I stuck with only 4 primary partitions?

    What's the deal here?
    Abit IP35 Pro, E6750, 4GB Ram, XFX Nvidia 8600, 4 Raptors, 4 500GB WD's, 2 250GB WD's, Plextor Sata
    P4 2.53Ghz, 2GB Ram, 5 160GB WD's, 2 120GB HD's
    P4 2.6Ghz, 2GB Ram, 2 120GBHD, 3 80GB HD

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    Re: How do I install Multiple OS's with GRUB?

    With 8 GB you might get away with 2 OS. I'd stick to Ubuntu 8.04.1

    Dr. Fernando Duran Dollenz
    Libertad 584


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