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Thread: Fail to install Windows after installing ubuntu

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    Fail to install Windows after installing ubuntu

    my laptop is originally windows xp home edition.. however,i reformatted it into ubuntu 7.10 .. Now,i want to dual-boot linux and windows..but when i am installing windows, at 33 minutes left when its installing device, my computer will restart and the xp installer starts all over again..

    I tried deleting all partition and then install windows to all the harddisk space and still no chance.. please help

    there is one time it goes through.. however,when windows start up,it restarts after a few minutes(within 1-5 mins)

    Note: i did upgrade my harddisk and RAM.. i have a zt3027AP Pavilion notebook,1Gb and 256 RAM, 120Gb hard disk.. i tried reinstalling with old hard disk still no chance

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    Re: Fail to install Windows after installing ubuntu

    boot from the ubuntu live cd and run memtest 86 I have seen this happen when there is a bad stick of ram. If it fails reseat the ram and run again.


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