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edit: got the conky running but when i get to this part of the instructions:


chmod a+x ~/.startconky

File Manager:
Right click on ~/.startconky > Properties > Permissions > check the box necessary to make it executable.

I dont know where to find ~/.startconky after running the terminal code

also i'm not getting any temperatures from my cpu, motherboard or hdd
Hi Messyhair42

That file is "hidden" in your /home directory (it starts with a .)

If you read the first post there is a section for "Auto Starting" conky that you need to set up. I'll re-quote it here if you have Ubuntu or Xubuntu. If you have KDE that information is also in the first post:

Getting Ubuntu to Autostart conky.

In Ubuntu:

1. System -> Preferences -> Sessions -> Startup Programs
2. Click on the ADD button:

In Xubuntu:

1. Applications > Settings > Settings Manager > Autostarted Apps
2. Click on the ADD button:

Continuing in Ubuntu and Xubuntu:

3. Name: Conky <<-- anything you want
4. Description: <<--- anything you want (mine is blank)
5. Command: <<-- see the "Open Icon" click on that. When your home folder shows, right click to show hidden files if not visible ... and find the hidden file: .startconky. Highlight it and click [ OK ].
6. Close
7. Now: [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Backspace] to restart your session and conky will start in xx seconds, depending on your sleep command.
Once you do that conky will start when you start your computer or a new session - New Session: [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Backspace]

For temperatures, the first post tells you that you need hddtemp and lm-sensors installed, but it is beyond the scope of this tutorial on how to do that. You can post your questions for that in one of these threads (I'm in all of them):
  1. Post your .conkyrc files w/ screenshots
  2. Howto: Get a beautiful Conky 1.4.2 setup
  3. Howto: setup Conky in Hardy and Ibex

Have a nice day.