Hi folks,

Having a small problem with Hardy on my laptop which is more of a nuisance than anything. I already checked out a bunch of forum threads that come close to my problem but not quite. I already tried the suggested solutions for those problems with no luck.

I have a Toshiba Satellite P10 (older model) that has problems restarting when commanded by Logout->Restart, Restart after Update, and by Ctrl-Alt-Backspace. When commanded, system proceeds to shutdown and gets all the way down to turning the screen off but hangs there. Power indicators, fans, etc stay running but laptop does not show BIOS post screen. Ctrl-Alt-Backspace proceeds to restart the GUI but hangs on screen blackout. Now what is odd about this is that I have to hold power button to shut down and when pressing button again to reboot, I have to make sure laptop adapter isn't plugged in. If it is, power indicator lights, wireless indicator remains extinguished, fans run but screen remains off. Unplug adapter and it will boot normally.

SHUTDOWN WORKS FLAWLESSLY (aside from verbose shutdown messages)

Also, in order to start normally (first boot of the day), I still have to have the adapter un plugged in order to boot. As soon as BIOS screen shows, I can plug in the adapter fine and system runs.

Has anybody ever ran into this problem and if they have, can they help me out or point me to a thread I may have missed. I appreciate any help given whether it works or not.