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    Lightbulb A new Window Manager

    Welcome to the original TWiMU Thread! The TWiMU Project has moved to the TWiMU Forums, hosted by Sourceforge. Please visit there to post questions or to help with the project. The original thread begins below.


    Hi everybody! I'm new to Ubuntu, but I have some experience with Puppy Linux. Anyway, I want to try to write a new Window Manager, and I picked Ubuntu as my development platform because it comes pre-packed with so many tools.

    The basic concept is kind of like the OS X dock in leopard: the desktop is a huge table that you can place icons and windows on, and it can be as big or small as you want.

    There will also be a method of grouping items called Palettes, but I'm not exactly sure how they work yet.

    Anyway, I'm creating this thread for any ideas or suggestions, just a general wish list. I'll make everything I can happen. This was going to be in programming, but I figured it's more about making things look good than anything else.

    Post whatever comes to mind, I'm open to just about anything!
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