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Thread: ATI Radeon 2100 issues.

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    ATI Radeon 2100 issues.

    Ok. I've spent the last few days working this out, while the situations improved vastly, it isn't completely resolved.

    Heres the output
    :~$ lspci -n | grep 0300
    01:05.0 0300: 1002:796e
    :~$ lspci|grep VGA
    01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon 2100
    I'm using the onboard graphics adaptor for the gigabyte motherboard ga-ma74gm-s2h.

    Ati doesn't even list this radeon 2100 at all.. so there are no specific drivers for it. I ran Envy and restarted, that at least let me run in full graphics mode, though a little buggy at that.

    I have the range of my resolution, however, it's still very faulty. It locks up after the screen saver comes on if I try to get back to the desktop. Even the screen saver menu locks up if I let it run too long. Games and video flicker badly. I'm hoping this is just something that can bet tweaked, otherwise I'm back to square one with the graphics driver.

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    Re: ATI Radeon 2100 issues.

    Well, aparently the flickering is a result of the desktop visual effects. Turned off, the flickering completely stops.

    However,still having an issue of it freezing in the screen savers..

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    Re: ATI Radeon 2100 issues.

    Well I just checked and ATI does have a listing for Radeon 2100.

    It can be found here if you choose the system type as "Integrated Motherboard Graphics"

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