How's you all?

Right! Just decided to switch from windows to ubuntu yesterday, after having tried the live cd for some time. I'm still slightly overwhelmed, but not yet desperate! o_O

This is a question about hd space. Not sure if it's the right place to ask (though it looked like it from the search) and sorry if the question has already been asked and all (couldn't find an answer, but maybe I'm just too clueless!). Feel free to simply redirect me to those answers/tutorials if they exist. ^_^

Anyway, when I was using the live cd and wanted to search my hard disk, I would select the 320 gb media. However, now that I've actually installed ubuntu (Hardy Heron 8.04), things look different.

GNOME system monitor tells me (under file system) that I have 2 devices -- /dev/sda1 and gvfs-fuse-daemon. Both have total: 286 gb, free: 282 gb, available: 268 gb, used: 4 gb. I don't know how to make this add up to 320. And what's the difference between free and available?

Looks like I messed something somewhere!

Thanks for your help! ^__^