Hi, I was going to throw this in multimedia, but thought it might go a bit better under general --

When trying to open a JPG with eog I get this "Unrecognized Image File Format" also, oddly enough, all of my Ubuntu desktop themes have dissapeared. This also leads to things like not being able to use JPGs as a background anymore (even though the preview for the pictures still comes up in the change background menu) GIMP can still view jpgs, along with other image viewers. All other image files can still be opened without a problem.

This happened as a result (I think) of completely uninstalling lxdoom through synaptic. -- I have reinstalled lxdoom and eog to see if that would fix anything to no avail.

Im at a loss -- I can post the ldd readout for eog here if that would help, but everything looks alright to me -- any suggestions????

Thanks so much in advance --