Well, I tried MythTV and love how I can pay only $20/yr for better service then I get from a box that cost me $120/yr! So, I decided to invest some money into a computer that will handle 4 frontend computers (Getting old computers with pentium III and such for about $10 a computer for that. My 500mhz works fine for backend+frontend... Just want encoding and such). But, I am not sure how I would do this. I got the specs all done:

2GB Ram (DDR2 @ 800)
1.6ghz dual core
motherboard with onboard nvidia 7100, gigabit ethernet, and 4 PCI slots.

That should be fine for recording/encoding shows. But, for the capture cards, right now I have a saa7134 rigged up with a audio cord with 2 jacks to get from my capture to my sound card. Now, that wont be ideal if I need a few capture cards to make this thing work. So my question what is a good card that loops back the audio in the card, and not through a wire. I think this is fine: Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 1600 TV Tuner would do the trick (I want digital channels also).

Any better suggestions? Or is would this be fine.

Also, what would be my best bet for getting the video+audio back to a TV? Any PCI card that outputs the yellow/red/white stuff, so I can plug it in like a gaming console or such?

Thank you!