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Thread: Automatic mounting of network drives at startup

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    Re: Automatic mounting of network drives at startup

    I noticed something this morning. In the line I copied a few posts ago -- the end of it was obscured by this board's "code" formatting, so here it is again --

    // /home/pawcatuck/share cifs user=Pawcatuck,password=mindyourownbusiness,workgr oup=OURHOUSE,user,noatime 0 0

    Near the end, I've still got "user". If I replace that with my sign-in name, might that take care of some of the permissions problems?

    I'm not at that particular computer now, but I'll try that when I get there. In the meantime, any suggestions deeply appreciated.

    It didn't help. Now even when I try to open a file through the traditional Ctrl-L | smb://blahblah, the files are coming up "read only."

    (A day later)
    The "read only" went away. There are a lot of variables here, but I'll report what I did:

    For some obscure reason, some of my Windows shares had reverted back to various statuses that weren't full rights. I went through and checked every one for sharing status. That didn't seem to remedy my problem immediately; however, I did not completely shut down both boxes right then; I went upstairs and shut down the Linux computer again afterwards, and still had trouble.

    I then uninstalled ConSSH, a Windows SSH client with which I was experimenting. That seemed to help. I have no idea whether, or how, ConSSH was keeping shares open even after I had shut down ssh-agent and ssh-add in Ubuntu, but maybe it was doing things on the Windows side.

    I also unshared several folders on the server, and put new shares on. That apparently finally broke whatever connections had remained opened, and I can get to everything now. I still have to do the Ctrl-L and type in smb://192.168.blah/blah/blah to get to my network files, so my original question remains lost in the thickets of whatever quirks my home network has. But I'm living with it just fine.

    To anybody who has been following this thread, I apologize for the panicky posts and the blow-by-boring-blow reports. But maybe the information will help someone down the road.
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