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Thread: Virtual Machine Ideas

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    Virtual Machine Ideas

    I just bought myself a cheap core2duo celeron barebones with 4GB RAM and have decided to for it to be a NAS, virtual server.

    I plan to use VMWare server (because I use Fusion on the mac and work uses ESX) and run a few virtual machines.

    My webserver will be an Ubuntu LAMP and wont need much resources. I'll have a few microsoft VMs for playing around with (XP, W2K, W2K3, W2K8 etc). The MS stuff will only be on when I need to learn new stuff.

    Most of the time the system will be idling as a webserver / NAS so I wondering what sort of VMs you guys are running?

    I'd like to have a few more systems - maybe a test firewall or something. Just looking for ideas really
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    Re: Virtual Machine Ideas

    Anything and everything...

    All my servers are simple Linux systems with VMware on it. I have business clients using both Windows 2003 and Linux virtual servers for accounting for example. I also have VMs for DNS, Mail and Web servers.

    The VMs make the servers much easier to manage.


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