Hi, I have a feisty lamp server set up, or at least I did until today. I copied over my main boot driv to a new drive, then upgraded my pretty much all my hardware. Now when I boot up quite a few things refuse to start, most significantly apache2 and mysql. If I try to start apache2 through webmin it gives an error message 'sh: /etc/init.d/apache2: Permission denied. Mysql just fails to start every time without giving an error. I am guessing I have shafted everything, unless this is rescuable? If it is not savable I will reinstall the latest version of Ubuntu, but I really need to save my database as my missus has been editing a wordpress blog. is there a bunch of sql files that represent the databse itself that I can copy over before I reinstall? Funniest thing is I always tell my missus to back up but I never did it myself Oh and I already formatted the original drive and it is in my xbox.