I've got a difficult decision to make and was wondering if anyone could help me out! =)

I have 2 USB dongles here. One is an unbranded ZyDas-based model which works automatically on Ubuntu, and the other is a Belkin F5D7050uk (v5000) that doesn't and needs the ndiswrapper to work.

I was happy with the ZyDas one until I started getting BSOD's in Vista. I'd never had them before and when I noticed it was related to a usbxxxx.sys file or something I changed it for the Belkin one. It worked fine in Vista so I was happy with it.

Now when it came to Ubuntu the ZyDas did work fine though a few times it froze the system when it had connected to the network, and I also had issues with shutting it down as it would just freeze on the Ubuntu splash screen. I had recently moved the ZyDas into the back ports as I think the front USB ports are a bit unstable. The BSOD still happened in Vista but I think it was okay (minus the hang on reboot) in Ubuntu.

I'm unsure of whether I want the ZyDas one in Ubuntu as I'm sure that's what is causing the issue with not shutting down correctly. I'm not bothered about the Vista BSOD with it but I am wondering whether it's Vista's drivers that give the error or if it's the actual dongle as I don't want to find out when I'm running Ubuntu that it's faulty... I can't seem to figure out Ubuntu's issue of hanging on reboot.

I could run the ndiswrapper on the Belkin one but for some reason the signal strengh only reaches about 66%. The ZyDas works about 98% and in Windows they all work this high too.

Damn that's a long post! Hehe!

To sum it up... do you think the ZyDas is broken when it comes to rebooting in Ubuntu... and if so is it common for the ndiswrapper to emit low signal as I'm not wanting to use it in Ubuntu if it's going to give me less performance.

Thanks for any info! =D